As the web data domain advances and becomes a must-have strategic factor in every industry, compliance guidelines and regulations should also continue to address this growing demand. Bright Data invests heavily in not only meeting but driving forward compliance standards both internally and externally, and Shalit’s appointment is the next step in this journey.

Shalit comes into the newly formed role with a wealth of experience which includes over 10 years with KPMG, three of which he served as a partner, ensuring the highest standards of compliance, ethics, risk management and increased corporate governance. As part of his role, he assisted and supported KPMG’s customers and boards in meeting governance, regulatory and business requirements. He also assisted the company’s boards and management with implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes for high-level supervision, including KRI and KPI establishment. Shalit is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a graduate of the 2018 Yale School of Management – WBCSD Leadership Program.

“Like every innovation-focused domain, the web data domain is advancing faster than cross-industry regulation,” said Or Lenchner, Bright Data’s CEO. “Therefore, it is up to every company operating in this space to practice and implement the most responsible and compliant guidelines to ensure their customers know that the data they receive can be trusted. This has always been Bright Data’s prominent mission. With such a vast and impressive track record, I am sure Rony Shalit will not only continue the company’s long-standing market-leading compliant path but will take it much further and make a true difference, not only in our company or the data domain but across markets and industries. Bright Data has always been proud of its unprecedented compliance-focused programs, and Shalit’s nomination will ensure we keep leading the market with compliance-forward initiatives and practices.”

“I am truly excited to join such a growing and successful domain and company,” said Rony Shalit. “Compliance and ethics are more than just a nice-to-have element for companies today. They are a vital component that makes all the difference between successful and less successful strategies. In the data domain, that reality is even more critical. To trust the data you receive, you need to trust your partner first, and comprehensive future-forward compliance and ethical practices are the only way to ensure that Bright Data’s customers and partners always know they are in trustworthy hands. This has been the company’s mission all along and will continue to expand.”


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