Sales automation helps evolve the role of the SDR by taking the tasks away from sales development representatives. The tasks which are taken away allow their roles to evolve into more added value ones.

If you want to scale the SDRs who find and qualify the leads, you have 2 different departments to scale. The SDRs add value only when they are providing opportunities to account executives and there is a training term of 2-3 months before an SDR will refinance himself (they have done enough work to justify the salary that they have been paid in the previous months). The refinancing of an SDR will take you 2-3 months and that means that if you want to scale it to 10 SDRs, then you are paying 20-30 salaries without having got a return and all of them need to be successful for you to get that return.

This type of scalability is a barrier to expansion. With an automated outbound lead generation method, this bit goes away completely. Software such as HubSell will automate 80%-90% of the work of an SDR leaving only the most skilled-related work to them, such as objection handling, qualifying, handing over. As a consequence, the SDRs only focus on things which are value adding without wasting any time, and at a much higher volume because they don’t need to do the rest of the things. For example, if they’re only using 10% of their time, it means that the activity that they were normally doing during the 10% is now 100%. Therefore, SDRs train themselves much faster. Instead of 60-90 days, they train themselves in 6-9 days. As a consequence, the refinancing interval becomes much shorter.


To sum everything up, with an automated outbound lead generation tool what happens is that:

  • you don’t need as many SDRs and you can evolve the role of existing representatives into a more added value one
  • your SDRs will be trained much faster which means that the refinancing interval becomes much shorter
  • you can reach out to the potentially highest paying companies because you can choose who you want to target
  • you can target a new market/ industry very quickly
  • you can scale and descale anytime you want

Over to you – can you think of any other benefits of outbound lead generation through sales automation? Are there any tips or lessons that you’d like to share?


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