The anti-fraud platform ADEX announced that a full pack of fraud-preventing features is now available for a free trial. This extension of the onboarding program allows advertisers to test the efficiency of the platform, size the opportunities and estimate the advantages.

ADEX anti-fraud tools are focused on real-time traffic analysis, which ensures that advertisers can prevent risks before their budget and brand reputation get affected by fraudsters.

According to the company’s statement, all the new customers are able to try ADEX for 14 days, while a paid subscription provides 14 more days of free usage (promo code: START14).

The free trial ensures deep analysis of 10 MLN events and all ADEX features are included. Among them, advertisers will find the following:

JS Callbacks

Javascript Callbacks allow advertisers to receive information about traffic quality in real time. With the help of JS Callbacks, it is possible to define automatic in-page actions towards that traffic, so that customers can benefit from a function of hiding particular page elements, be it a banner, button, form, etc. The feature can also block or redirect fake users to other web pages to ensure that advertisers don’t pay for fraudulent traffic.

Traffic Redirect

One of the most efficient strategies in bot-fighting is redirecting traffic. With the help of this feature, advertisers can forward malicious bots to blank pages instead of their websites.


API is a highly-technological feature for data gathering and analysis. It covers a wide range of functions for campaign evaluation, token creation, and further optimization.


Postbacks is a tracking tool for real-time traffic evaluation – advertisers receive alerts whenever ADEX marks any traffic source or event as non-reliable. After a fast recognition, dubious and low-quality sources can be blocked.

JS Tag

JS Tag can be implemented into the website HTML and therefore – ensure an additional security level. Safeguarding a website on all levels ensures that different types of bots won’t reach the landing pages.

Claim Reports

Claim Reports is a unique ADEX solution for those advertisers who have already become fraud victims. To persuade traffic providers and increase refund chances, advertisers may create custom Claim Reports containing campaign statistics and evidence to prove the fact of ad fraud.

ADEX offers solutions to fight the fraud issue from all sides – real-time prevention, detection, and liquidation. Also, advertisers can work out the consequences of fraud whenever they accidentally interfere with untrustworthy traffic providers.

The fraud detection instruments are focused on each concrete website visitor and check his data to distinguish if he is a real person or a bot. Online behavior, VPN usage, browser type, location, and other parameters are taken into account.

Detailed and accurate analysis by numerous factors combined with real-time traffic check ensures precise results and doesn’t leave chances for the most advanced bots and even those that mimic human behavior cannot pass all the security levels. During the free trial, all customers can test ADEX efficiency to the full extent.


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