In order to better assist the influencer marketing needs of the SMB market, Intellifluence has launched a unique marketplace of influencer-created offers geared towards removing the complexity associated with pricing and campaign management. The new marketplace known as Influencer Offers will be accessible through all existing plan subscriptions, including a new influencer offers an only free plan.

“We’re turning the influencer industry upside down. In the past 5 years we’ve received a lot of challenging feedback related to small brands needing pitch pricing guidance on a social platform and product basis, wanting to be able to ‘just buy it’ when it comes to one-off projects with influencers, and mostly the ability to do that guided work without incurring massive fees” said Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Intellifluence. “With Influencer Offers by Intellifluence, it’s now possible. It’s the next step for us in our mission of democratizing influence.”

Intellifluence as a large warm contact network provides match-making technology that makes it easy for brands to connect with and manage the workflow of campaigns with influencers over all facets of social media who have opted-in to work with brands.

“There will always be a need for campaign management and our more advanced discovery toolset as brands become more accustomed to influencer marketing as a whole,” Sinkwitz continued. “However, what we noticed is the influencer world doesn’t have a credible option for an influencer-driven marketplace. We’re all aware of the various freelancer platforms, but they’re not as uniquely suited towards solving both influencers’ needs of receiving fee-less compensated work nor do they satisfy a brand’s desire to focus on finding quality influencers without having to sift through irrelevant and unverified gig listings.”


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